The main Living Room TV came mounted on a fixed mount at an angle to practically every seating area. This meant that while you could technically see this TV from almost everywhere (aside from the front captains chairs), none of the seats had a particularly good view.

So, I went to work swapping out the mount with a fully articulating one that allows us to adjust the TV to be a great view from where ever we want to sit, work or play.

I also added a sound bar w/ subwoofer to the TV and completely did away with the factory provided BluRay HomeTheater in a Box device since the ceiling mounted speakers were horribly placed for proper sound stage.

And of course, I couldn’t stop there.. so I swapped out the 1080p LG TV with a 4k LG TV.  I intend to use the TV as a second monitor while I work, so the 4k resolution should be a nice upgrade for usability in this role.

Note: I mounted the soundbar above the TV so I could leave my Key/Pocket junk catcher on the counter top under the TV.  I used 2 push latches mounted to the center arms of the articulating mount, with the other part mounted to the wall to keep the TV stowed during travel.

Parts List:

Total cost: ~$1500

TV: Before

TV: Before

TV: After - Stowed

TV: After – Stowed

TV: After - Turned toward couch

TV: After – Turned toward couch

TV: After - Mount / Subwoofer

TV: After – Mount / Subwoofer

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