I am a big fan of the Cuppa. Republic of Tea sends me Christmas Cards. =) In the other coach I had tea shoved every where and had to brace myself for impact whenever I opened a cabinet to get out tea to brew. In this rig I decided that my canisters needed to be within reach and not clutter up the counter.

I cleaned the elevated shelf on our counter with Everclear to remove all oils so the double sided tape that came with my metal strip would adhere well. Placed the strip where I wanted it, put a magnet on the bottom of each tea tin and viola – nice sleek storage that won’t slide about or go rolling when we are on the road.


Parts List:

Total Cost $35

If you have magnets on hand and already have metal canisters you can work with what you have.


Raised in a military family, Lehnanne moved around a lot and that is probably why she likes to move around as an adult. She and Michael have been full-time RVers since 2007. Their home is run for the safety and comfort of the fur-Kidds.

Lynn · 2015-09-18 at 06:37

Cute and practical!! When r we going to get to see this mansion?

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