After seeing the custom built desk Chris at GeekRV had, we went crazy with ideas for our workspace. Thanks to Ron Gatchell we have enough space, and it looks like it came from the Tiffin factory floor this way.


A few highlights and details about our design:

Slides Out

  • The Corian is 144″ long, and our need was for 133″ in length, so the main top took up almost ALL of the $850 piece of Corian.
  • To gain the extra functionality that we wanted, we gave Ron our existing Buffet and Tabletop (along with all the cabinetry) so he could re-use it in our new desk!
  • Both sitting areas have pull-out keyboard trays

Pull-out work surface

  • In between the two sitting areas, we incorporated a pull-out workspace extension for soldering, 3d printing, etc..
  • We also had a pull-out Laptop storage cubby built into the middle area to keep up to 3 laptops safe during travel
  • Since Lehnanne is a lefty, we were able to include a pull-out writing area for her on the far left side, above the drawers.

But, my favorite part!!!  Is the pop-up monitor!  The lift was purchased directly from the manufacturer, Nexus 21 (be warned, they are pricey, but made in the USA and are very high quality).  Video below:

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