As posted last Friday, we left Fort McDowell ( Eagle View RV Resort  — Warning: they no longer accept USPS deliveries ) and decided to make the drive to Ruidoso, NM a 2 day affair.  The thinking for this was that the weather peeps were calling for rain / snow on Saturday in Ruidoso, so I wanted to be highly functional upon arriving ( 4 hrs x 2 days and early arrival, vs 8 hr and late evening arrival ).

We didn’t really anticipate much as the forecast was for less than an inch accumulation, and it had been over 60 F the day before.  OH BOY, were we in for a SURPRISE.

This story is best provided via illustration..

Friday Evening
The first day was pretty tame. A bit of wind (mostly to our back) and occasional rain, but overall not too bad.
Well, it started out quite pleasant.. but got progressively worse.

But, I drove carefully, and we arrived in one piece!

Ah, but there was a hitch.

So, unfortunately, we had to move since I simply could not work with that poor of an internet.  Luckily, there right up the road was Ruidoso Motorcoach Ranch!

At RMR, we were able to get enough Verizon signal for me to work this week, but we’re pulling out tomorrow ( May 6th ) heading toward the outskirts of Colorado Springs, CO.

We’ll have a full review of both Eagle View RV Resort and Ruidoso Motorcoach Ranch coming shortly.


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