The Leo Quartet consists of a collection of 4 galaxies located in the constellation of Leo. The galaxies are NGC3185, NGC3187, NGC3190 and NGC3193. Note that NGC3185 is out of frame in this image, but the remaining items are:
Top Left: NGC 3193 (Galaxy) – 99.5 million light years away
Top Right: HIP 50444 (bright star) – 744 light years away
Low Left: NGC 3190 (Galaxy) – 79 million light years away
Low Right: NGC 3187 (Galaxy) – 150 million light years away

There are of course, many other stars and a few more galaxies in this shot. The most obvious additional galaxy is about 1/5 up on the left edge.


  • Comprised of 30 x 5 minute exposures for each filter: Red, Green, Blue
  • Captured the nights of 5th and 6th March, 2021
  • Captured remotely at Rusty’s RV Ranch, Rodeo, NM
  • Processed in PixInsight



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