We have set up camp in Petaluma, CA and love it here. Yesterday we went to the Petaluma Historical Museum to see of all things ELVIS!! He really is every where. Gotta love that. After we stopped by the TWiT Cottage to take some pictures and Leo walked up and invited us in. We spent 2 hours there – loved it. Leo Laporte is so gracious and nice. I got to play with his iPad and you know what … people are right. You don’t think you need one or want one if you have an iPhone or iPod Touch … UNTIL you get your hands on an iPad. Lovely bit of technology. I don’t know if I will get one right away but I want one. = )

After the time at the cottage LK took me to Viva Chocolat for goodies. I was so proud of myself, knowing we would be here all week I went sparingly on the chocolate NOM. But it was hard. Yay me for will power.

The sunroof will be in on Wednesday so we will get that fixed, Too Crazy Ladies are coming into town so we will get to visit with them as well. Today we are supposed to see Petey and Tricia and go see Kick-Ass.

I feel like the Duke boys – “having more fun than the law will allow”. = )


We’ve been in Cali for a few days and action packed they have been. We took a wrong turn outside Barstow and ended up going to LA … outskirts but close enough for traffic. I would rather ride around DC on a moped then go through that shit again. INSANE.

On our way to dinner with Evil Genius Petey and his gal Tricia some asstard chucked a rock off an overpass. As luck would have it – it destroyed our sun roof. Our shade was closed so no glass or injuries to our persons but it could have been worse.

Also the gas hot water heater thingamajig died so when we are boondocking we are taking cold showers.

Both repairs are on the books for next week. So we are hanging out until then. Right now we are in Petaluma, CA … it is a nice small town with lots to see and do and still a reasonable drive to San Fran should we want to go down there but I am telling you now I am so over California traffic it isn’t even funny.

A couple of bonuses … the landscape here is amazing. Just north of LA there are these huge rolling green mountains like something straight out of Middle Earth. The sun glistens on the wild patches of mustard that seem to be painted on the sides. Amazing.

Fresh fruit and veggies is the other plus – and there are stands like every other block. Great prices.

That is about it for now … thanks for keeping up.

Happy Trails,

Vegas Baby

We spent several days camped out at my Aunt and Uncles in Henderson, NV. They have an amazing view and a great place.

We had so much fun with them. I didn’t want it to end but they had other guests coming in and we didn’t want to wear out our welcome.

Thanks to them for the hospitality. Much love to you both and heaps of belly rubs to Tink and Chrissy (when she isn’t hiding.)