Mods: Whole RV Reverse Osmosis Water

Spending a large portion of our time in the desert south west, we’ve come to the conclusion that 2 stage filtration and a water softener simply isn’t sufficient.  Plus, with the hardness of the water in this area, we’re having to regenerate the water softener every week (about a 30 to 45 minute job).  It’s not particularly difficult, but gets old after 10 weeks..

So, we decided to move to a Reverse Osmosis system for the whole RV. (more…)

Mods: Kitchen Magnet mounts

I am a big fan of the Cuppa. Republic of Tea sends me Christmas Cards. =) In the other coach I had tea shoved every where and had to brace myself for impact whenever I opened a cabinet to get out tea to brew. In this rig I decided that Read more…

Mods: Our View – now with LIVE video!

For a while now, our forward facing camera had uploading a new image every X seconds, and the Our View page would auto load a new image every 60 seconds. While this was better than nothing.. it wasn’t quite… live. We just upgraded our camera yesterday and we now have Read more…

Power Bay - Numbered

Mods: RV Power Protection

The provided power protection in the Tiffin Allegro Bus line certainly beats nothing (Surge Guard – Auto Transfer Switch – protects against open neutral, reverse polarity and surge)  However, if you want the best possible protection for all your sensitive gear, there are some additional things to add to the coach.

This is a longer post.. so (more…)

Trash Slide-Out - After

Mods: Kitchen Trash Slide-out

Tiffin, like other manufacturers, provides a nifty slide out mechanism to house the Trash bin, solid surface sink covers and various kitchen and/or cleaning supplied under the sink.  However, the way this is configured, it requires a minimum of 5 steps to throw anything in the garbage! Open left door Read more…

TV: After - Mount / Subwoofer

Mods: LR TV Mount and Soundbar

The main Living Room TV came mounted on a fixed mount at an angle to practically every seating area. This meant that while you could technically see this TV from almost everywhere (aside from the front captains chairs), none of the seats had a particularly good view. So, I went Read more…

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